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The church of Saint Etienne in Cantobre is mentioned in the texts from 1135. The choir is very simple, the apse and the choir are Romanesque, the nave and side chapels were rebuilt in the 16th century.


The noble family of Cantobre owned the place in the thirteenth and fourteenth century. The most important member of the family was Gilbert de Cantobre, born in 1295, who studied law, became abbot in Aragon, Gard, Marseille and Bishop of Rodez.


From the fifteenth century, the seigniory of Cantobre belonged to the family of Fombesse, whose Jean (1660-1677) was convinced of counterfeit money and executed. The castle was razed and his property confiscated.


The school lease, built by the parish at its own expense, was drafted in 1856.


A flood of the Dourbie river destroyed an arch of the bridge to reach Cantobre on May 9, 1892, a second flood, end of October, carried the temporary bridge. The bridge was rebuilt in 1896, as shown by the date on the central pier.


The hamlet, was almost abandoned in the 60s. It is now renovated and inhabited year round.


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